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Brendan is what you might call a renaissance man in the field of fitness, performance, and coaching.  You also might call him a legend, but that’s for you to decide, he doesn’t subscribe to labels.  His unique perspective comes from a diverse background as an athlete, golf professional, strength coach, and business founder.  His passions extend beyond picking up heavy things and smashing golf balls however; Brendan’s true central tenets are a relentless obsession with maximizing human potential and a constant pursuit of education, knowledge, and new ways of looking at the world. in 2010 Brendan co-founded Coastal Performance, a fitness and performance training facility with a focus on creating a community of athletes and everyday clients who wanted more than just workouts from their gym.  Coastal Performance has been focused on developing deep coaching relationships and maximizing results across all spectrum’s of human performance while creating an atmosphere that actually makes people look forward to working out.  Since its inception, Coastal has grown from a small 3000 square foot studio to a 6600 square foot training haven for not only pro athletes but clients from all walks of life who seek a deeper fitness experience. Hayden’s other business endeavors include providing on-site training and coaching services on the PGA Tour, presenting and teaching workshops around the country, and Coastal Fitness Systems, a fitness consulting project with Ryan Stevens of Coastal Performance.  CFS provides the behavioral healthcare industry with innovative ways to use fitness as a rehabilitation tool. When Brendan’s not working, he’s probably surfing, golfing, hacking away at the guitar, boating, or finding other hobbies to be slightly above average at.