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Fitness Gimmick Monday!!!

by brendanhayden in General Training, Latest News

In honor of the recent Reebok toning shoe 25 million dollar false advertising settlement, I want to kick the week off with some other recent bro-science breakthroughs you may have not been aware of.

The Free-Flexor

Maybe this whole post today was a bad idea.  I thought the ShakeWeight for Men was the pinnacle of awkward infomercials that made me really uncomfortable to watch, but Free-Flexor has just taken it to a whole new level.  I love the “developed and tested by fitness professionals” line at the end of the infomercial.  That’s a little like endorsing a new law as “developed by politicians.”  Interesting that they managed to both introduce and prove the “theory” of Circular Strength Technology.  Generally such theories are put forth in research papers and studies.  But, it has an acronym, so it has to be true.

The Frank Sepe Fitness Disc

A classic from over on the HSN.  Beyond the usual nonsense, Frank makes sure to point out that the rotation comes from the midsection, rather than the legs.  So essentially the workout is repeatedly twisting your lower back into submission while gaining no mobility anywhere you might actually need it.


Tracy Anderson pitches the fitness version of a perfect game.  She’s like the Roy Halladay of made-up crap.  Pseudo-science, bad exercise demonstrations, a total disregard for basic anatomy.  NAILED IT.  I haven’t seen a celebrity trainer dominate like this since Tony Little broke out the Gazelle.  I almost want to order it just to find out how she handles “glute-centric” workouts.

That’s it for the first installment of Fitness Gimmick Monday.   I feel like there’s enough out there to make this a weekly feature.

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