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Use as Directed

I have a lot of friends that are pharmacists who are rightfully in high demand in such an, uhhhmmm, “experienced” region of the southeastern US.    They have a ton of knowledge about correct dosages, frequencies, and timing of medication.  From my limited perspective, I would imagine that the doctors prescribe just enough dosage to attain the desired effect of the drug and limit the side effects.  There would be very little advantage to taking above the prescribed amount for the majority of medications. So, what does this have to do with training and fitness?  We, as coaches, are a lot like doctors in a sense.  We write exercise prescriptions designed to attain the desired effect based on our assessment and the client’s goals.  With these prescriptions come dosages.  This is where the disconnect usually occurs.  If I “prescribe” three days a week of a one-hour full-body strength program, I didn’t intend for that to be supplemented with six hours of additional cardio and bicep curls.  If you doctor prescribes you 800mg of Tylenol after surgery, should you follow that up with a half bottle of Advil? (Don’t answer that).  Too much of anything is going to bring about some unwanted side effects.  Mixing medications can also cause serious interactions.  If your goal is to get stronger, that 500mg of Jogecia and 10cc’s of Zumbagra is probably counterproductive. In the same sense, often we have clients that NEED a lot of different “medications” in pretty big doses.  If your goal is to lose 50 lbs, your lower back is achy, and you can’t get in your SUV without a running start and catapult, telling you to walk on the treadmill one hour a week is probably about as effective as a sugar pill.  The bigger the issue, the more often and longer we need to correct it. Consistency is another huge part of both medicine and training.  If you are supposed to take something once every day, and you only take it once a week, it’s not going to work very well, no matter how great the medication.  I have had many clients struggle with this concept.  The best program and exercises in the world are useless if they aren’t done when and how they are supposed to be.  I don’t have a magic “pill” for a great body without hard work and focus.  But if you follow my prescription and do what it says on the label, I have the cure for what ails you. Brendan Hayden