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Fitness Frauds | Celebrity Trainers Blame the Brazilian Butt Lift guy for this entire rant.  He pushed me over the edge.  Apparently, the glute minimus is responsible for “lifting” the backsides of the world’s greatest models.  I’ll spare you the anatomy lesson, but that is total and utter nonsense.  It’s not even located in the same place as his wonderful 3D diagram places it.  And to my knowledge, there isn’t any special exercise to “isolate it” from its larger rear-end counterparts, glute maximus and medius.  The dvd is action-packed with his special moves to melt fat and totally renovate your rear-end, and apparently modify your DNA as well.  My biggest concern with exercise DVD’s in general, however, is the lack of feedback.  This is also an issue with take-home physical therapy programs.  The people demonstrating these exercises are professionals.  I would guess most at home are not.  What is happening on the screen and what is being done by the person watching often don’t even resemble the same movement.  Most exercises that “target” the glutes can be butchered very easily with undesireable assistance from the lower back.  If you sit on your butt all day, I’m guessing it’s not getting too much work, hence the purchase of the Brazilian Butt Lift in the first place.  We find it takes weeks if not months of coaching to “retrain” the movement patterns around the hip and get the glutes firing properly.  I’m sure any good physical therapist would agree with me, being that it’s a standard protocol in lower back rehab.  So while some of these moves may “work” the glutes of the models and trainers, most who would buy such a DVD probably aren’t quite at that level yet. This is my whole issue with “Celebrity” trainers in general.  They are taking credit for something they have little to nothing to do with, and trying to use that to sell the same gimmicks to the rest of the world.  Training a “celebrity” or even a professional athlete isn’t that hard.  Jennifer Aniston didn’t start off at 185 lbs with a bad knee and two young kids.  Former NFL great Herschel Walker flourished on a program of just pushups.  In my mind, they are “freaks.”  Outliers.  The “Elite.”  They aren’t relevant to any normal person who wants to lose weight or get in better shape.  My best friend in college got straight “A’s” and literally never cracked a book, nor missed a happy hour.  Is that the “secret” to getting a 4.0?  I gave it a shot for about half a semester and had to scramble to even stay eligible.  So why is Gwyneth Paltrow’s pink dumbbell arm program any different?  It’s like me saying I was Lebron Jame’s height coach.  Yep, when he started he was only 5’4.  Of course, he was 8 at the time. The point is these celebrities would get better results from a sound training program from a knowledgeable fitness professional.  That is, if those professionals weren’t too busy training actual clients to join their entourage.  However, they have the time, resources, and genetics to be successful with about any program, provided it’s not too ridiculous and unsafe.  The problem is, the rest of us don’t.  These trainers are just oversized personalities with little to no credentials, education, or real-world experience to support their “philosophies.”  “Methods are many, principles are few, methods may change, principles never do.”  I love this quote.  The principles of exercise are universal and more like scientific laws.  Every good coach and trainer in the world agrees on them.  Methods can be different as long as they still adhere to the principles.  When I hear nonsense like “bulky muscles,” “toning,” and “fat-burning zone,” we have a principle problem.  There is a definite right and wrong here.  Whereas if another coach prefers 5 sets of 5 and I prefer 4 sets of 6, that’s methodology and more like opinion. Most of the great coaches and trainers in the world you probably have never heard of.  They don’t go on Oprah, or have shows on Bravo or the E! Channel.  What they do have is education, knowledge, and the ability to generate results for REAL people.  Just because someone like Jillian Michaels or Tracy Anderson weasels their way on TV doesn’t mean they have any idea what they are talking about.  Hey, Richard Simmons was huge too!