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My  name is Brendan Hayden.  I make people better.  Now you know, so feel free to continue your travels around the internet, nothing more to see here.  


Well, there is a bit more to it I guess if you insist on hanging around.  Some of the people I’ve helped make better play sports.  In 2010 I started a gym called Coastal Performance.  Since then we’ve coached thousands of clients and continue to follow our mission of changing the perception of what’s achievable through training.  I’ve witnessed enough life-changing transformations to know the power of a well-guided human body and mind with an unwavering purpose.  

Check out Coastal over here and see what we’re all about.


This site is here to deliver useful (hopefully) content.  Most of it pertains to what I know best – cultivating maximum performance and health for golfers and athletes.  You can find the latest exercise videos, complete training programs, and guides to crushing performance goals.  If you are looking for a deeper level of guidance and ultimate results, apply for my online coaching program.