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People Who Like Brendan or Owe Him Favors

Ersan Ilyasova

Forward, Detroit Pistons

Thanks to Brendan and his staff at Coastal Performance for helping me to get to another level. Working out with Brendan greatly improved my physical ability to be more efficient during the game and I greatly enjoyed his company as well!

Rick Mayo

Owner, Alloy Personal Training Systems

Brendan is one the most talented and knowledgeable professionals in the business when it comes to assessing and designing training programs for athletes. Anyone ready to take their game to the next level is fortunate to have him in their backyard

Tom Koehler

Pitcher, Miami Marlins

Three years ago I made the decision to start training with Brendan. Over that time I was met by someone that has the same desire to master his craft as I do. Brendan is always willing to push his clients to the mental and physical limit and expects nothing but the best from them. What separates Brendan apart from other coaches is that he gives the same level of attention to everyone who walks through his doors as he does for his MLB and PGA Tour clients. Whether you are an athlete looking for an edge, or a person just getting started, I recommend Brendan Hayden.

Lawson Aschenbach

Professional Race Car Driver

Brendan has done a top notch job in preparing me physically for race weekends. His programs have taken my strength and conditioning to a higher level. Brendan and his team take the time to understand your needs, which builds trust, and trust is an important part of the relationship with your trainer.